TBD Talks weekly episodes in TennisONE App.

Every week a different leader, an innovator, a creator, a tennis entrepreneur.

Each week a story, experiences, successes and challenges overcome.

Every week we talk about the innovation that is necessary for our sport. We identify more than 30 areas of opportunity that we can evolve, learn, improve and implement actions in the day-to-day of our projects. Every week a different episode, clear, inspiring and that strengthens us as a sport and as leaders. Where? In TennisONE App, the best Tennis App. With more than 130,000 users of it and a exclusive news, information and results platform available to everyone.

If you don’t have it, please4 download it to your mobile, it’s free. Just enjoy all information about world tennis.

Find every Wednesday a new episode of TBD Talks on TennisONE with Fernando Segal as host.

During 2022 we will have 50 episodes of innovation, transformation and development in tennis.


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