We are what we repeatedly do. Excellency is not an act, it is a habit” said Aristotle. He was truly right!!

The importance of caring for our planet and the environment is increasingly crucial and shows us that we as a sport are integrated and immersed in a situation common to all. Across industries, the future is being dictated by a focus on ESG –environmental, social and governance issues. Sports are no exception. Sports are vehicles to communicate meanings.

Tennis is a bridge connecting people all over the world. We can help to transform what we do in our day by day processes by making choices that contribute to caring for our environment. Among many options, we can recycle balls, integrate tennis nets that are made of recyclable materials, give trophies or medals that in the same way, are made of regenerated materials. Take care of water use is a priority, change to LED lights and use solar energy in the lighting of the tennis courts as many other details that we can say and deepen and you can do. Discover them.

In addition to all this, what makes a big difference is what you do on a day-to-day basis. Your choice. Every day we decide what we want to be or do. Be brave, innovate and create a constructive tennis environment for the common good. They are simple details that make the difference and can be emulated.

This as part of a bigger picture, they don’t go far enough in making up for the huge environmental and social impact that every sport has on the world. Tennis has an enormous societal impact, and when organizations set their minds to making change happen, it works. That’s why all of us are in the same challenge.

“If you live each day as if it were your last, one day you will be right” goes my grandmother´s saying. For this reason, continuing education, caring for who you are and how you relate to others and to everyone, are fundamental in building your story.

Make your difference, innovate, be an entrepreneur of your own destiny, creating conditions that today contribute to a better world. Be aware that you are exceptional and that in your day-to-day tennis you can do a lot for each player and for everyone. Do you have your plan?

Finally, TENNIS MUST BE GREEN, full of meanings of union of ideas, concepts and opportunities to grow and develop as people and as a society. We must be better, not put tennis in the middle of differences or politics. We must be visionary leaders and actors of a better world through our sport wherever you are and make tennis.

Make your difference. We ca do better tennis!!! Where will you be in the next 10 years?

Fernando Segal

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