A few days ago several coaches during a course asked me my opinion about Carlos Alcaraz, I responded by commenting on my perspectives of how one visualizes tennis. I mentioned that behind each stroke or play I see attitudes, personality, character, level of analysis and decision making, perseverance , emotional stability, focus on the task and consistency.

Carlos is a great champion in plenty process. He shows his game determination, commitment, intelligence, focus, great insight and extraordinary maturity for his age. That motivates attention.

Many times, we tend to stay in the strokes of someone or in his play style. However, I consider it important to comment on what is in the human being behind the tennis player, what leads to making that play, that stroke, that decision, the analysis of the situation, the perception and management of the information that occurs on and off the court. , as well as perceive your internal states as the reading of the other and its moments.

Carlos is part of the constant evolution of tennis, he is Darwin’s law of evolution at its best. He has something of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. He has the insights of Borg, the fighting energy of Connors, the intelligence signs of Wilander, the consistency of many champions. He has taken values ​​from many of them and has made them his own, better said, they have done it with his work team as well.

I emphasize the importance of footwork that they have worked with systematic plan according to Juan Carlos Ferrero’s own statements. They worked for three years on it so that it moves as they prioritized. Today it is one of his biggest strengths.

We can talk about the great weight of his ball, the ability to vary intentions, the use of the drop-shot that has very good positive statistics of points earned and thus opens up other spaces on the court and generates constant pressure, we can talk about topics more technical, and mucho more. However, I kept on talking about the sensations that his personality produces. His sympathy, his charisma, his contagious smile and his very positive energy are powerfully striking. That makes tennis good for him and for us, to recover the joy of the game, spontaneity and innovation in our game.

The teamwork that leads a talent like him to be who he can be is key. Therefore, a special paragraph for Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Martinez Cascales who have shown logic, system, human care, great vocation as teachers, coaches and mentors in addition to everything that their tennis knowledge represents.

They have shown a model to follow with a plan that grows step by step. There are other very good professionals in the team who are a key part of this success, it will be for another article. Here, we see leaders working like a team to help one champion.

Carlos wants to be the best in history. From his story. He shows in every act, every shot, every play he makes. Therefore, comparisons with others are not worth it because he is writing his own path with his content. His journey, personal, motivating and full of future stories.

From my perspective, I insisted to the coaches of the course, is that continuous evolution continues to occur. As it happened in previous generations, it always marked a leap in quality in various ways. Each generation builds on the previous one to continue making differences. The important values for us coaches is to be up to the circumstances with a continue self-development process, studying, improving, understanding the game and incorporating new systems into coaching and training. It’s up to us to keep evolving.

Finally, what is important in Carlos is also his capacity for educability and coachability, it shows that he has a lot to continue improving, learning and developing. Every day they have a vocation to improve something. What shows us that today even with great results, we will see in the future the best version of him as a tennis player and as a person dedicated to his own challenge of becoming his story.

Another day we talk about technical issues, but what we are seeing is a person who has already decided the type of person he wants to be and is willing to pay the price to be. A tennis leader.

Fernando Segal

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