Let us learn together from the experiences of others and build a positive growth environment for our sport. In my previous articles about Tennis must be green, I commented that tennis organizations at any level should get more involved given that the future is being dictated by a focus on ESG –environmental, social and governance issues. Tennis is not an exception.

Now that the euphoric screams of glory at Roland Garros have died down due to the historic triumphs of Rafa Nadal and Iga Swiatek, it is time to observe what the French Tennis Federation at Roland Garros has done precisely to propose sustainability strategies in the project and event.

When the court was built, it was built with ecological materials. Around the central stadium, as you know, completely renovated recently, greenhouses are developed that contain flora from four continents and more than 500 species.

Ten years ago, the FFT launched “Opération Balle Jaune”, a program in which millions of tennis balls are recycled and turned into sports floors in facilities used by disabled children.

This year, players in each game used plastic bottles made from recycled materials to put their drinks on the court provided for RG/FFT, not using plastic bottles. The same in press conferences, where the players drank the mineral water which was in glass bottles.

Approximately, 72% of spectators traveled to the stadium using transport that emitted little or no greenhouse gases. The characteristic green seats of the stands of the Philippe Chatrier stadium for more than 15,000 spectators were replaced by wooden ones.

There are many more to comment which they did, however the important thing is that since January 2017, the FFT signed a letter with the French Ministry of Sports that promotes ecological responsibility in sporting events and with a defined sustainability strategy they are already applying it. That too is part of the big story.

We can do much more in and with tennis to grow responsibly as a sport and thus, take care of the planet.

What is your strategy to do it in your Club/Academy, event, education plan or any other program?

Always we can do better tennis.


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