IDTC Academy Lomas Sporting Club renewal of agreement and teams 

 We are very motivated and happy about the renewal of the contract and the work team at our IDTC Academy at the Lomas Sporting Club, applying our tennis development program and methodologies for teaching, training, organizing and promoting tennis. We will have the integration in the management of part of the SI team, with Tom van Doren as Director of Tennis and Reyna Tello as Management Supervisor of the Tennis Development Program.With more than 300 children in the academy and 400 adults participating in tennis teaching and competition programs, it is one of the best clubs in Mexico.
IDTC is a Tennis Academy model with tennis player production methodologies that has been designed and belongs to the Segal Institute to generate growth in tennis in each place. With several academies in operation with this system, we are generating more than 3,000 tennis players learning in the programs.
If you want more information about how the IDTC Academies work, please contact us: or

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