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1924 (Almost 100 years ago) Bill Tilden was the world’s best tennis player of that time. He was able to put his ideas and concepts in several books. Today, we are sharing “The common sense of Lawn Tennis” published on that year with his tennis racquet W&D Top Flite.

Common sense the basis of your philosophy of life and professionalism putting in easy and precise words.

As one author said” Growth can requiere different things in different season. At times, growth requires gathering yourself and running for your life. In other times, growth requires resisting the pull to run, setting your spirit, breathing, and planting roots. Know your season”.

It requires a lot of common sense for teaching, coaching and to develop our game. Tilden wrote 100 years ago about it. Let´s keep learning every day and make your impact on Tennis!!

Still today, it is present!

We can do better tennis!!

Best weekend!


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