Tennis Stars It is the innovative program established by the Segal Institute, for the training and transformation of leaders in tennis and sport development for organizations and all audiences,

levels and projects with a base of more than 40 years of successful experiences.

Because we are interested in strengthening and being at the forefront with each commitment we make, our goal is to carry it out.

This is how the new values ​​agenda of the CDI Tennis Stars Academy – El Salvador was presented, following up every day so that the boys continue to get stronger and recognize each of the values ​​for tennis, they are a fundamental part in the practice of tactics, technical and mental.

Through dynamics that have been carried out with the CDI teachers and Ariel, our coach, with the contribution of our new member, the Director in the area of ​​projects and education Reyna Tello Ortiz, who is accompanying our Director Ariel and the team in Tracking Management and Tennis Development Program. In this case, emphasizing the importance of the values ​​that will be taken per month, continuing with the checks, contests and strategies that have been carried out previously.

Congratulations to continue providing well-being and strengthening from the pedagogical part from the feedback and support of the rubric, to reinforce areas of opportunities and follow-up to our entire team at the T.S-CDI academy.

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