FAS 2 Tennis Concepts Digital Book coming out soon

GOOD NEWS!! FAS 2 book in english soon!

Mastery requires time and self-learning processes. We are glad to announce that in a short time we will have the book Tennis Training System AFS 2 ready in English as a preview of the new Tennis Training System AFS level 3 book entirely in english which is coming out this year.

With fundamental conceptual principles of player development and training, applied methodology principles, more than 250 specific drills to use in your daily work and planning with players in formative phase, juniors and professional insertion and much more. This book is available digitally in Spanish version that you can use in your devices.

An extraordinary work by Fernando Segal that is sold out in the published physical book (2003), this new edition will be released digitally in English so you can use it very easily.

Soon more news!! stay connected for August 2022, it will be ready

If you want more information send us an email to: info@segalinstitute.org

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