The Tennis Talk – Coaches Voices. Why we are doing it

I have always thought that as tennis leaders we have to create an environment of responsibility, commitment and growth with our sport. Beyond pretending that others do it, each one can make a difference in the place and tennis space that is found and generate a sustained evolution in development principles and concepts.

We all have a reason, a purpose, a cause, a role model, a deep belief that is the basis of our passion, motivation, and action. What we do is important, but it is more important Why we do it, which ignites the flame of passion and positive energy to build a path, as in this case, new, untrodden and full of rich experiences as we walk it.

When we created The Tennis Talk- Coaches Voices as an idea, concept, and project, we did it with the conviction of inspiring and motivating many by creating a bridge between many of the best coaches, experts, tennis scientists in the world with tennis people. A relationship bridge where the history and the great learning of each one, are mixed with the history of each tennis player, each coach, each player.

The great value of this emotional, influential, and full of value experience in its content is based on these fundamental pillars that moved us from the beginning of its creation. These are:

The Sharing-Culture. Integrated with the fundamental principles to generate growth in our relationship and tennis life environment. We are based on the philosophy of continuous sharing and cooperation, as a fundamental means of raising the level of awareness and general knowledge. So, it is with each interviewed and speaker of TTT – CV who share these fundamental principles. What good is a concept, an idea, a story if it can’t be shared? More we do, more positive impact we will create in our world of tennis.

We have to create this culture of sharing on a large scale, which permeates all organizations, entities and work teams, transforming the experiences and success stories of our sport, as well as other activities, into fundamental principles and language so that challenging the process.

We need more tennis development leaders in each place, be it an academy or a club, who discover and build opportunities to understand and grow tennis for each and everyone.

We believe in the culture of Sharing

Create Leadership and Communication Bridges. One of the greatest contributions we can make with each leader is telling her stories, sharing, communicating, turning others into leaders. Knowing the processes, how many situations they had to overcome and develop for their transformation into high performance people allows us to see situations from different angles. Being with the mind open to other forms of proposals and solutions. Learning by listening to those who have already walked the path. Asking ourselves: Is there another way to do better what we must do?

Building a project in long term process requires a lot of attention, commitment, and an open and positive mind, to focus on what is important to generate an inertia of learning and success. Therefore, each of the interviewed shares ideas, perspectives, feelings, inviting you to learn, change, evolve, listening to them.

This is achieved by communicating between us.

Generate Visibility. Each episode is a connection with a person, a tennis expert, someone who has made a journey. We put a face to a voice. And that voice is important to be heard, to have visibility. Each coach who reaches a higher level with her project has built something significant, has made a long and committed journey to achieve it. In this sense, one of our main purposes is to generate awareness of who they are, to contribute to making them known and that although they are often behind the player, they are the main protagonists of each process.

It is optimistic, positive, and constructive to generate this connection with each of the interviewed and people in a meaningful way, learning something from everyone.

Generating visibility is a channel to connect with people and provide solutions, developing inspiration and awareness in others, contributing to the self-development process of each one.

Innovation + innovation. The Tennis Talk- Coaches Voices is pure innovation. Format, content, strategy, personalities and much more, all different. Each of those who make up the project have created opportunities for everyone to share and feel integrated with our Why. Which it are fundamental principles of the project. From the TennisONE App team, a magnificent application that generates attraction and knowledge, as a channel of communication and distribution of exceptional content.

As well as the GPTCA, the official body of the ATP to certify tennis coaches, who provide support, support, and constant opportunities for coaches to grow.

Our team and each member of Segal Institute, with doing the designing and implementation of the project as something unique. Who they are working on the creation of content and the production of each episode, providing a new and creative approach in each one.

Because between all of us, we are doing something different. Innovative. Constructive.

Finally, I want to thank each one, because the value of a project is how much value it brings to others, and in this sense, we live our purposes and ours because we do it in each episode that you can enjoy every Wednesday on TennisONE.

To each one thank you very much.


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