The Tennis Talk – Voices of the coaches. Why we are doing it.

We created The Tennis Talk- Coaches Voices as an idea, concept, and project, we did it with the conviction to inspire and motivate. A bridge of relationships where the history and great learning of each one is mixed for the benefit of tennis players, coaches, and fans of the ‘white sport’.

Its content is based on these fundamental pillars that moved us from the beginning of its creation: The Culture of Sharing, Create Bridges of Leadership and Communication, Build visibility and Innovation + innovation.

As well as the GPTCA, the official body of the ATP to certify tennis coaches, who provide support, constant opportunities for coaches to develop-

Our Segal Institute team is working on the content creation and production of each episode, bringing a new and creative approach to each one.

Find the full article written by our CEO, Fernando Segal, on our blog at the following link:

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