A new project is coming

TENNIS DIAGNOSIS & PERFORMANCE CENTER (TDPC) is the first Laboratory on his type focused in to produce information about the level of skills acquired for a tennis player in his/her development phases.

In TDPC, Segal Institute & Giammalva Tennis Elite Academy join forces to put into operation this first tennis player development laboratory focused on a system which integrates evaluation, diagnosis, and performance plan program.

“If you can’t measure it, then you can’t value it” principle applied, we do every process based on scientific approach where each player participating in an TDPC Evaluation Camp is having a deep assessment on 7 different areas: Tactical, technical, biomechanics, physical, mental, emotional, and cultural. Each result is compared with that international statistics to create a development program with opportunities to improve and keep growing in the game of each player.

Soon we are launching our TDPC in Barcelona – Spain. More news is coming one this project!

If you want more information, please contact our emails in: info@segalinstitute.org or info@giammalva.com

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