Andres Gomez a leader on and off the court

This week the fifth episode of the first season of “The Tennis Talk – Coaches Voices” premiered, where we were invited by former Ecuadorian tennis player Andres Gomez. Who was number 4 in the world in singles and champion of Roland Garros1990; as well as world no.1 in doubles, where he won two Grand Slam titles.

In this talk he had with Fernando Segal, CEO of the Segal Institute, Gomez -who defined his profile as a tennis director, highlighting his leadership and work development- is a leader and inspiration for South American tennis. Coming from a family of tennis players, he carried on this tradition and left a legacy for generations continuing his time in Ecuadorian and South American tennis.

This interesting talk is now available completely free through the Tennis ONE application and with Spanish subtitles, so that the entire Latin American community can enjoy one of the greatest tennis leaders in the region.

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