The value and meanings of Tennis Development

It is true that we talk a lot about development even, yet we rarely refer to the deep meaning of the word. Development means reaching your potential, that which you have “inside”, through a process of actions in many cases systematized and planned, in others simply with what happens if you are not so in control of your own process.

We have two ways to look at its application. First is by considering the development applied to who you are as a person or to other people. The development as a human being with your own process. The second concept is oriented to an organization, institution, company, club, academy, region, country or any other similar entity.

We are all born with potential inside. One that marks us who we can be. And precisely being what we were born to be and transforming ourselves into what we are capable of is the great challenge and meaning of life.

To synthesize it like an example, if we take the creation of a development program for a tennis coach, we must first establish “the situation”, that is, define a diagnosis of the moment, with particularities, and values ​​that he has as a person and as a professional. So, if you want to be better at who you are as a human being and as a professional, we can establish a development plan based on four fundamental pillars.

1. The human aspect

2. The cultural aspect

3. The social aspect

4. The economic aspect

The human aspect. It is focused on the continuous improvement of your values, principles, habits, and behavior as a human being. There is a quote that is always used in management “you cannot sell who you are not”. In other words, the quality of your tennis program and services will be directly linked to your ability to work on yourself, improve, learn, evolve, and transform yourself into a credible, reliable, and consistent person. Commit to getting 1% better mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually every day.

Always before a tennis coach, is there who you are as a human being. Precisely, that is the main concept of this, being – human and what it represents. Master your habits!

The cultural aspect. It is about establishing your ability to learn and acquire greater resources to lead, teach, contribute, communicate, generate, and establish a tennis development program. Greater understanding of people, of yourself, about each relationship processes, their reasons, desires of each one. In that sense, to have greater knowledge to make better decisions and planning for the construction of your development and growth tennis program.

More you know about Tennis concepts and benefits which it brings, more quality of decision you will make. Learn more and more!

The social aspect. Tennis is based as a sport on the continuous generation of relationships with people. Our business is to create relationships. Therefore, generating greater knowledge of how to treat people, providing services, knowing their needs and desires for which they play tennis. On that process, you are integrating greater resources to generate empathy, cooperation, contribution, and recognition, which will be key to the growth of your network and social influence as a tennis coach.

Remember, you are only as strong as your professional network of personal relationships and access to people. Live your purposes doing them in actions!

The economic aspect. How many times do we have professionals who are very good in technical matters, but nevertheless do not grow in economic, positioning, or commercial matters. On several occasions, we forget the necessary knowledge of how to establish a business model that is sustainable over time and generates resources for you, your family, your work teams and all the people around you. We must raise the level of understanding that we are an industry dedicated to service as a sport and that our management is based on generating relationships with people as we mentioned before. Building a form of fair and very professional financial compensation.

You are what you produce and generates. Unleash your productivity.

The constant search with the impulse to discover how to be better in its own development program in these four fundamental columns is a priority. Generating a thoughtful, orderly, and progressive action plan that is applied, this will allow you to be in control of your own everyday growth program to be better in the processes required in each column. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Every new morning is a chance to be a new you and redefine yourself. It´s your opportunity to be who you were born to be is in your decisions and actions every day.

Your timing is key. Your attitude towards yourself and others is more so. Remember the words of Thomas A. Edison “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. You are limitless!!

Much to share if we talk about 6/90 Tennis Development Concepts. Until next time.


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