TDPC is the first laboratory in USA on his type focused in to produce key information about skill level acquired for each tennis player on her/his development tennis phases.

Segal Institute and Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy join forces to put in operation this project which will give to every player assessments in different game areas, key recommendations on them, pattern of plays to keep training, statistical information about development phases of tennis players and much more.

We evaluate each player on: tactical, technical, biomechanics, physical, mental, emotional, and cultural areas and much more. With international measurements of different countries and organizations, each result is compared with that international statistics, successful experiences and our deep knowledge about tennis development phases to create individual programs of opportunities to improve and to develop each competitive tennis player.

TDPC is the place to generate multiple contributions to each project, player, family and coaches to help to unlock each exceptional potential.First TDPC Evaluation Camp for Tennis Players next September 6-10th in Houston, Texas with our great team of coaches and experts!!

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Soon TDPC will be open in Barcelona with a great academy joining us ion this wonderful project.

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