TENNIS – CONCEPT 6/90 will be in English very soon

With a new format, the Tennis Concept 6/90 book will be soon with a practical designing format and English translation will be available for its virtual download.

Tennis Concept 6/90 (Today is 4/90) is a book on philosophy and tennis development strategies to help leaders who carry out tennis programs in their clubs, academies, regions, even countries from 6 to 90 years old, it is say contemplating all ages, levels, opportunities and needs of people. It´s a fundamental book to have for everyone who is creating growth in our sport.

Published in 2000 by Editorial Stadium in Spanish, is an opportunity to understand all the factors involved in making a development program and how to act as a development leader precisely. Plenty of principles, ideas, and recommendations, it is a great tennis development and management book with more than 200 principles and concepts to apply in your project. We will have the English version soon.

It is part of Fernando Segal’s tennis management trilogy completed with the books How to grow, your Development Tennis Program (1999) and How to sell tennis (2002).

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