Have the opportunity to assess the development of your tennis player

Segal Institute brings you a camp so that you can learn how your player are developing and what their areas of opportunity are, so that you can follow and monitor their performance and continue their path to becoming a competitive tennis player.

The TDPC Super Camp on Weekend comes to you thanks to the work with SI methodologies and Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy, who together have developed to implement these series of evaluations that are carried out on developing players. It is from the science applied to tennis, successful cases, and experiences that we can know the areas of opportunity of each pattern of play and that at the end of the tests a report on this will be given to the parents and coaches; so that they can create a better development plan, more individualized and appropriate to the needs of each player.

This camp will take place at the Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy facilities in Houston-Texas, the weekend of September 29 to October 2. Where over 10/12 hours these tests can be carried out on players who for school reasons cannot attend our camp during the week.

In next October, we will be opening our TDPC in Barcelona, Spain with another key partnership with a top academy and coaches.

For more information or registration send an email to info@segalinstitute.org

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