Improve your tennis with the 6/90 methodology

With a new format, the Tennis Concept 6/90 book will be soon with a practical designing format and English translation will be available for its virtual download.

Tennis Concept 6/90 (Today is 4/90) is a book on philosophy and tennis development strategies to help leaders who carry out tennis programs in their clubs, academies, regions, even countries from 6 to 90 years old, it is say contemplating all ages, levels, opportunities and needs of people. It´s a fundamental book to have for everyone who is creating growth in our sport.

In this book you can find the concepts to create a development and leadership profile with your students, based on the development triangle. Which is focused on that from the social, cultural, and economic aspect you can develop skills and strategies for people from 4 years old to 90 years old.

To get this book and many others, please go to our website or send us an email and remember that you can get great benefits by being part of our community.

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