Let’s highlight the importance of sports psychology

Mental health and psychology are one of the most important aspects in sports and in recent years it has become more important since it has helped the development and improvement in the performance of great athletes. That is why this week was one of great learning for “The Tennis Talk – Coaches Voices” presenting a special episode, featuring one of the most important sports psychologists in the world, Dr. Jim Loehr.

Dr. Loehr is a specialist in sports psychology, which has led him to write 17 books on the subject and to be an important player in our sport, having worked and developed the mental aspect of great icons such as Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Gabriela Sabatini and many others.

In this great talk that he shared with Fernando Segal, CEO of the Segal Institute, Dr. Loehr spoke about how essential constant improvement is in high-performance sports. “All the great champions of any sport have that mentality of overcoming; every day is an opportunity to be better. It doesn’t assume how much talent you have; it just assumes you haven’t reached your limits.”

Remember that this episode, like all the previous ones, can be listened to completely free on the Tennis ONE app.

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