Let’s innovate our sport

At Segal Institute we believe in Innovation as a strategic means of growth. For this reason, we join the celebrations of the “Tennis Innovation Day” celebrated on the 189th anniversary of the birth of the creator of Tennis, the Major W.C Wingfield in Wales in the year 1833.

We have the spirit of Wingfield in everything we project, design, and do, we are pure innovation, creativity, disruption, and strategic thinking to achieve more and better development of tennis!

What better way to celebrate this day by innovating and bringing new ideas to tennis!

Our clients and Partners join us in this challenge every day. Especially on that day too! October 16, 2022!!

Because innovation is everything and it is the way to express all the possibilities and opportunities for growth that we have. Be part like us.

Tell us what you will do and how you will do it this October 16, International Day of Innovation in Tennis.


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