Tennis needs leaders in development

Finding leaders for the development of tennis players is one of the main challenges within the “white sport”.

As part of the courses and workshops promoted by the Profesorado Sudamericano de Tenis, Fernando Segal gave the 15th free virtual workshop 2022, which was focused on “the importance of being a development leader in tennis.”

For around three hours, the CEO of the Segal Institute shared his experiences with around 100 professors from different Latin American countries. Teachers from Argentina to Mexico received part of the knowledge that has led Fernando to be a leader in the development of programs worldwide.

“Today it is a different leadership process, before it was taught on a tennis court. In my case, from a very young age my decision was to be a trainer, I decided to take a journey in the creation of systems”, explained the creator of the IDTC academies.

“Teachers in training and those who already work, must understand what development means. In every challenge you do, do your development program. We work based on others. The player is trained to receive everything, the coach everything is a function of the others. First it is based on receiving, then based on giving,” he added.

Segal reiterated during the talk that “development is a weakness that we have in tennis”, so he recommends being “innovative, not doing the same thing and trying to be creative. Create your own system.

Fernando Segal has helped in the creation of development programs in five different countries of the Continent, laying the foundations for players who later exploded in the ATP and WTA circuit.

“We must always be open to improving the smallest detail, that’s why the greatest have a level of obsession to be better every day,” he concluded.

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