Our first Tennis Lab is about to start

In tennis, it is important that developing players exploit their abilities to the fullest during the formative stage, so that they can achieve better performance at a technical level. That is why the Segal Institute developed the TDPC (Tennis Diagnosis & Performance Center) camp.

Sharing his same vision of development for tennis and for creating little champions on the court, SI joined the Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy in order to bring the first diagnostic camp. Where different tests will be carried out on young tennis players, with the aim of being able to detect their main areas of opportunity and thus be able to fully exploit their training process.

This program has two stages, which will begin next week at the Giammalva facilities in Houston, Texas. The first of these is the TDPC Evaluation Camp, which will take place from September 27 to October 1 and is designed for players who train full-time and compete at the regional, national or international level. Carrying out 8 evaluation areas over 25 hours, which give us scientifically concise information on which areas to evolve.

The second stage will be the TDPC Super Camp, which will take place the weekend of September 30 to October 2. This will be in charge of doing five tests in a time of 10 hours and is focused on players who attend school duties during the week and do not have as much training time.

Stay tuned to our social networks in the coming days to learn more about how this camp is carried out and what the benefits are for your children with multimedia material. For more information about new camps, contact us at info@segalinstitute.org.

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