Segal Institute already carries out an innovative project

This weekend the Super Weekend Camp TDPC will be taking place at the Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy facilities in Houston, Texas where our group of experts will be carrying out different tests to learn more about the development of young tennis players. Read more about this Center with the interview of Victor Piñones, Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy Director.

“We want to help tennis and its players”: Víctor Piñones, director of the Giammalva Elite Academy, in Houston, Texas.

In order to help in the progress and development of young tennis players, the Super Weekend Camp TDPC (Tennis Diagnosis & Performance Center) will be held this weekend at the Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy facilities in Houston, Texas.

Víctor Piñones, Director of the Giammalva Elite Academy, and Fernando Segal, CEO of the Segal Institute, are leading a camp that aims to “measure the players’ progress. It will be three days of great work. It is a laboratory that Fernando started years ago, and that will give us that guideline to see the measurements that we will make in the camp”.

Víctor Piñones is clear that his philosophy is to go through constant learning, which he tries to impart within his Academy to the more than 300 players who have weekly from different parts of the world.

“The idea is to help tennis, that it continues to develop and that the players have the correct training. Players should take it as a help. We want to help and that the information is very detailed. That is the greatest motivation, working together”, comments the director of Giammalva regarding TDPC.

“Sharing learning is key, it is very easy to think that what you know is everything. You have to have humility to listen, to learn, to try and that is the key. Fernando has always been very humble. The more information the better and one will end up deciding what works for you and what doesn’t, ”he adds.

The coach of Spanish origin thinks that this new project is extremely important for the development of the players, regardless of their age.

“It will serve children better, but it is aimed at adults and children. One of the camps will be much more detailed. Beyond the ranking, and the visual, if you don’t see it with tangible things like results, numbers, it’s hitting your head against the wall”, he explains.

TDPC under the Segal Institute methodology, is a precedent in the tennis evaluation of players as the first of its kind in the United States.

This innovative project will be supervised in person by Fernando Segal, CEO of the Segal Institute, who will be part of the team that will apply the tests this weekend. These consist of carrying out different exercises to learn more in detail about five of the most important technical points in the game and that are fundamental in the development of a player in training.

Stay tuned on our social networks to find out how these tests are carried out and if they are of interest to your children, you can take advantage of the following camps that the Segal Institute and TDPC Tennis have for you.

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