“Perhaps my future is to help many more players”, Ann Grossman reflects on her current facet as a coach. The American became number 29 in the world at the end of the 20th century, and she subsequently challenged herself with a new role that has led her to discover her limits.

Episode 18 of the first season of “The Tennis Talk – Coaches Voices” is now available and this week we had the honor of speaking with Ann Grossman.

The American is president of the Women’s Tennis Coaches Association explained “the incredible journey” that she has had for this discipline.

From the age of 4 Ann started playing tennis on a farm in Columbus, Ohio. She used the teachings of her father through books to develop her talent and was inspired by the figures of Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King.

“Throughout my childhood I wanted to play tennis. It’s been an amazing ride and I’ve really enjoyed it”, she explained.

Grossman mentioned that “right now I not only feel like the best coach I can be, but also a coach for these kids that I see who are struggling every day. Not only hitting the ball, but also mentally. My daily goal is self-discipline, focus, optimism, and relaxation”.

Regarding the chip change between player and coach, she pointed out: “I was up, so close to the top, I knew that just because she had been a great tennis player did not mean that she would be a good coach. He wanted to prove that she could be it”.

“I always want the player to maintain his balance and be able to control himself on the court. Among the values ​​I need, number one is attitude. Also, that they love the game and the work ethic”, she points out in an unmissable talk.

Find out everything Ann Grossman told us in this new episode that is available for free on the Tennis ONE App, where you can also enjoy our past installments with other tennis personalities.

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