They were two days of great learning where a total of 32 tennis leaders, from 18 different nationalities, shared their points of view on the different topics that abounded during their respective presentation at the “Tennis Innovation Conference”.

From coaching, through tournament managers and even platform creators, they were part of the specialists who participated in TIC 2022.

Many thanks to all the leaders who were part of the event: Dr. Jim Loehr, Ben Leloup, CiCi Bellis, Trond Kittelsen, Shavini Fernando, Iztok Bombak, Ales Filipcic, Gregory Gettinger, Haitam Eletrabi, Maik Burlage, Rohn Malhotra, Mounir Zok, Mark Leschly, Stacy Allaster, Craig Tiley, Ross Hutchins, Dr. Jack Groppel, Oivind Sorvald, Mark Kovacs, Alex Johansson, Andy Durham, Cesar Andrade, Wade Floyd, Mike Sorgenfrei, Louis Foreman, Florent Colliau, Ryan Redondo, Tarek Francis, Brian Park, Brian Teacher, Swupnil Sahai, Fernando Segal and Carlos Salum.

Fernando Segal and Carlos Salum, organizers of the event, are sure to have created a great impact for tennis innovation.

Never before have so many tennis leaders come together in a virtual event, which serves the growth of the sport around the world.

You can still buy the content at the following link: https://tennisinnovation.coachesclinic.com/?fbclid=IwAR2wO7vF-TRw3en7cPSF6HAqLM7WP36ep_VrOLmORsHelNeJPRfL8aqxoBE

The first edition of TIC will be available for the next 34 days, buy it.

Mention for the sponsors who made it possible for these personalities to meet for the good of tennis.

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