Throughout the first and second edition of the World Tennis Conference by GPTCA/SI, great personalities have been part of the list of internationally renowned speakers who have collaborated for the success of this project.

Top Main Speakers on two WTC events were like: Boris Becker, Bard Gilbert, Thomas Johansson, Toni Nadal, Dirk Hordoff, Nick Bolletieri, Nicolas Massú, Alberto Castellani, Rainer Schuettler,  Bogdan Obradovic, Boris Becker, Carlos Kirmayr, Claudio Pistolesi, Janko Tipsarevic, Liam Smith, André Gómez, Ivan Ljubicic, Andrei Medvedev, Louis Cayer, Frederic Fontang,, Marco Panichi, Mark Kovacs, Ann Grossman, Guido Fratzke,, Mark Leschly, Jacco Eltingh, Jim Loehr, Tommy Haas, Lluis Bruguera, Jack Groppel, Alexander Antonisch, Wolfgang Thiem, Nico Massu, Dr. Todd Ellenbecker, Sarah Stone, Andrei Medvedev, Gonzalo Lopez, Dragos Luscan, Dave Miley, Jeff Coetzee, Conrad Singh, Vincenzo Santopadre, Ben Leloup, Lu Yen-hsun, Danai Udomchoke, Nico Pereira, Nicole Pratt, Niki Pilic, Oivind Sorvald, Thierry Ascione, Eduardo Infantino, Craig O´Shannessy, Tamer El Sawy and the important participation of ATP Leaders as Fernando Sanchez, Maximo Calvelli and Andrea Gaudenzi and many others great speakers.

A balanced program was structured on key factor related to tactical and technical concepts, biomechanics, sports sciences applied, tennis analytics, ATP life on tour, successful cases, the development of tennis players from the junior to professional level, tennis injury prevention, management skills and many more topics.

WTC3 will bring more than 50 Main Speakers with many new ones coming on our program. An impactful line-up is coming this next year with Grand Slam Champions, former ATP #1s, Scientist, ATP Top Ten player´s coaches, scientist, managers, key tennis analytic experts, legends and more.

8 live panels on topics like: Mental Health, College Tennis a way to develop future professional players, Junior Development pathways, how to create a successful academy model and others.

Also, you will have the chance to speak directly with some of the WTC3 main speaker for 15 minutes on private conversation.

Be part!!


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