Being in constant self-development process allows us to improve personal and professionally an in that way, help to create growth in all players who integrate your program.

For a tennis coach it is vital to learn from many of the best tennis coaches in the world which are presenting World Tennis Conference is the ideal place.

These are some of the benefits that tennis coaches who will participate in WTC3 will have:

– Registered coaches can watch the 4-day presentations of more than 50 main speakers as many times as they want during a period of 60 days thereafter. (New extended format)

– Diploma of attendance WTC3-GPTCA/SI

-Each coach can adjust their schedule to see WTC3 as working time options allow them.

– WTC3 four days will have 8 live panels on different topics.

– Q&A events with some of the speakers.

– You can observe the WTC3 through your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

– The entire WTC3 conference will take place virtually via

– In WTC3 you will receive accreditation points/credits for many National Tennis Federation, Tennis organizations and others to be announced. (New)

– You can present your tennis project to be presented in special panels this year. (New)

– you will have the opportunity to have 15 minutes individual conversation with some of the main speakers integrated on WTC3. (New)

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