3rd. WORLD TENNIS CONFERENCE by GPTCA/SI supported by ATP powered by CoachTube

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about how create impacts and helps other’s lives.

In that sense, each tennis coach is a world. A world of illusions, dreams, possibilities, opportunities and achievements through its programs and its players. Being your best version every day is your challenge. Creating your own self-actualization process and continuous self-learning is a priority for everyone.

For that reasons, we created the 3rd. World Tennis Conference like a bridge between the most influential top ATP/WTA coaches, leaders, scientist, 10 Grand Slam Champions, experts in the world bringing their insights, experiences, successful cases, sports sciences studies, data analysis and much more, that you will find on this crucial event. Tennis as life is always in motion, that’s why each tennis coach with his own self-actualization model will find on WTC3 how to learn.

You will have many benefits like:

+ 60 Master Classes with top main speakers

+ 8 Live Special Presentations about several topics

+ 10 Private Group session with 15/20 participants with one main speaker. You have to be registered)

+ WTC3 Pitch Session to show your tennis project presenting to key mian WTC3 Speakers.

+ Workshops of specific topics with key top personalities.

+ 4 days Conference + 45 days to watch all presentations as many times as you want.

+ Exclusive Workbook in PDF for each WTC3 participant.

+ Special discount package for clubs, academies and tennis organizations. (If you are GPTCA Coach you will have special discount now) 50% discount for 10 coaches.

+ Credits in different organizations.

+ Official Diploma GPTCA, ATP, + other recognitions for many organizations

+ Much more to be announced.

Early bird registration is open from today until January 15th, 2023 to take advantage of this opportunity of U$50 discount. (Early bird U$99.- Normal Ticket U$149.-)

Registrations on: www.worldtennisconference.com or wtc3.coachtube.com

The most important work we have in life is to be yourself, to be your best version learning each day. Let’s make that big difference for tennis programs and players, together!

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