Create your own Academy System with Si strategies

Create your own Academy System with Si strategies

One of the most important purposes in the creation of the Segal Institute as a laboratory for development and innovation in tennis is precisely to help others create their own systems, their own brands. We deeply believe in the power of empowering each one to become their own leader as a person, professional and brand.

The basis of this program is to support you and generate the SI mentorship program that helps you define, develop, and establish your own system with all the guidelines, stages and methodology and coaching models that you want to integrate. It is your own opportunity to grow and show your own difference with your identity. Your service and brand will speak for you.

Our team of change leaders will be able to work with each one to establish the guidelines and produce a plan to realize their dream, have their own written system, endorsed by us with a customer service profile, modern methodologies, and effective results.

Today this opportunity exists. Tens of thousands of hours dedicated to the study of tennis development and various success stories allow us to be ready to help you make it happen.

It's your time. Create your identity, your system.

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