Our Tennis Evaluation Camps

Our Tennis Evaluation Camps

One of the fundamental pillars for the growth of tennis players is to have a complete and adjusted development program that establishes all areas of their game in a connected and integrated way to generate their maximum potential.

The Segal Institute has generated a methodology for evaluating players in training camps that is used in various places and now, with a laboratory in the USA and Spain that allows us to help each player establish their diagnosis and what is planned for the coming months.

In areas such as tactical-technical, mental, physical, emotional, biomechanical, training methodology, competition planning, setting priorities and much more, Fernando and his SI team, plus specialized trainers, make up an analysis laboratory to help parents, players, coaches, and teams to build the next evolutionary steps!!

SI structured the first LAB to evaluate players!!

Diagnosis - planning - coaching the coaches’ scheme for better players

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