The Tennis Talk- Coaches Voices is live!

We created The Tennis Talk – Coaches Voices Podcast/Webinar as an idea, concept and project. We did it with our conviction of inspiring and motivating many by creating a bridge between many of the best coaches, experts, tennis scientists in the world with tennis people. A relationship bridge where each story with great learning of each one, are mixed with the evolution of each tennis player, each coach, each player.

Sharing is a key attitude for a better tennis world. Your actions speak of who you are and what you create to build a process that contributes to many and by doing that so makes a difference.

Today, we are launching a new Tennis leadership and development project together with GPTCA, TennisONE, with design and production from the Segal Institute team and with the magnificent participation of many of the best coaches, experts and scientists in the world of tennis. Many other platforms will be participating as well. Every week an episode. This is more of an ongoing coaching program for tennis people.

We have always sought in every project the union of working teams and the creation of platforms that help many to grow. This will be one of them. I am proud of everyone who has cooperated to make it possible. Thank you very much to each one!!.