Segal Institute is the first World Tennis LAB full focused on Tennis Leadership & Development creating with all its teams specific designing to generate transformation in each Leader/Teams/Organization. Our purposes are directed to elevate in every project, a new level inspiration, creativity, innovation, management, and performance results, that lead to superior growth in effectiveness and achievements. We are ready to help you”.

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Fernando Segal
Segal Institute Founder & CEO

Be EXTRAORDINARY in your Tennis Project. Be UNIQUE

Raise the level what you do every day to create greater positioning, prestige, and results. We have ready our creative consulting team to bring inspiration, innovation, and transformation to your project. We design better experiences.

In your experiences as a tennis person/coach/leader, getting the right information, successful cases, growth stories, an inspiring mentorship is extremely important to getting the results you specifically need. For that reason, we are developing a continuous learning pathway which drives you to obtain quality results which is a fundamental column of your own life and professional journey.


Belonging to our sport, we have made a commitment to help you to achieve your objectives. With different strategies, platforms, and innovations to become a better leader, a great tennis developer, we’ve put together the resources you need to guide you through your personal and team journey.

Each growth challenge is in SI Personal and Professional Roadmap through the concepts and strategies you need to achieve in your tennis development project your goals.


Segal Institute is leading the way. If you are ready to innovate in your tennis projects and challenges, we will help you to enjoy the experience, discovering your new opportunities, generating creative content, bringing innovation, transforming your perspectives and be great!! Pure inspiration and positive energy!!

We do innovation in actions!


"Thank you all for participating in the World Tennis Conference, the largest Tennis Congress ever held, THE GREATEST TENNIS EDUCATION EVENT in History."

Alberto Castellani
GPTCA & ISMCA President

"I am very happy that can help somebody around the world with my experience, I would like to underline your unbelievable effort to do something like this, that would stay in the world, in the sport world not only in Tennis, forever. I mean in the next year we will probably understand much better the value and importance of what you did. Thank you so much."

Marco Panichi
Doctor in Physical Preparation. Physical Trainer of Novak Djokovic

"Thank you and your team for all the fantastic work they have done."

Dirk Hordorff
Dirk Hordorff
GPTCA Board member. Top Professional Coach and International Leader

"Fernando, thank you very much! With everything you’re trying to do around innovation and improving our game you are making a difference!."

Dr. Jack Groppel
Sports Physiologist, leadership expert, multiple books author, key international personality
"Fernando, again, congratulations on a brilliantly executed conference. You know how to really get it right. Thank you for all you are doing for coaches and our game. You are making a real and substantial difference in Tennis."
Dr. Jim Loehr
Sports Psychologist worldwide recognized, best seller author and top leader

"Fernando is someone who has managed, and still manages, to give me empowerment and freedom every time I interact with him. Together with him, I have discovered and enhanced many of my current abilities. He is a perfect mentor, who, through his wisdom, allows you to reach your better goals. Thank you for your trust in me Fer, that is priceless."

Miki Obradors
Coach - Bounce Founder/CEO

"Thanks Fernando and congratulations for the humongous task and finally the first
real high performance conference... Looking forward to listen to all the speakers."

Louis Cayer
Davis Cup / Federation Cup Head Coach for Great Britain since 2007 2021 British Tennis Service Award from BTJA

"I always consider that information is the key sharing knowledge with players, parents, coaches which will hep to build better tennis world and keep enjoying our sport. That’s the importance of WTC2 by GPTCA/SI."

Frederic Fontang
Felix Auger-Aliassime´s Coach #8 ATP

"It is with great appreciation that I say thank you for the great 4 days. I enjoy so much to hear others and to continue learning. As I Master Coach and a Tennis Australia Elite High-Performance coach and being a Global Educator in Tennis for the last 25 years - I can tell you this was a unique and great event."

Conrad Singh
Manager / CEO and Technical Director of Centercourt Academies

"I’m proud to be part of WTC2, this is a fantastic initiative to share the knowledge with coaches doing the call about the improvement of our sport, which is something that we were missing for many time. I guess a lot of tennis people will find very interesting, useful and I’m privilege and happy to be part of it."

Ivan Ljubicic
Coach of Roger Federer and former ATP #3

“The creation of the Segal Institute (SI LAB) as a laboratory for designing, implementation and management of new ideas, proposals, and concepts for development of Tennis and Sports Projects was born with a great vision, concrete dreams and commitments of many years of successful experiences.  We need to generate real changes.

In that sense, at any organization, business, or implementation level, when we try to generate better and valuable results by always doing the same thing, this will make us stay at the same level forever.

Everyone on SI is inspired and focused on the meaning of each project, with creativity, passion, commitment, innovation strategies and consolidated leadership. We work together with each of our clients and partners to create, generate and develop extraordinary achievements with tenacity, intelligence, and great energy.

Finally, SI is part of our own dreams that integrate many people in tennis in different areas, believing in ourselves and in each one to make new achievements come true. Our results speak for themselves.

We are dreamers who build realities. We are here to help you conquer your dreams in tennis. Be your own successful builder with our support.”




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