In a literal sense, Inspiration is a sudden disposition to develop an activity. For Segal Institute, it is a constant tool to be able to achieve and reach our main objectives and likewise, towards the objectives of our partners and clients. Personal inspiration leads to team inspiration, and how? Sharing and landing those new ideas, to put them into practice and make them come true. It takes you towards creativity, innovation, management and performance results.

That is what the Segal Institute does together with a team of professionals who are completely committed to your project creating a new structure of thoughts of each undertaking. Segal Institute is the first tennis laboratory in the world with a methodology and system based not only on technique or skills, but also on working with people, so that they believe in themselves and, we are sure that they can achieve their goals. It is not only an apprenticeship for the court, but a lifestyle.

International Leader specialized in Tennis Development with more than 44 years of professional career, Fernando is the author of 11 books published on different tennis topics. Thanks to his methodology, Junior champion players have been developed in 16 Junior Grand Slams, being Top 10 ATP / WTA and more than 20 players reaching Top 100.

He has worked with National Tennis Federations as National Tennis Director and in other cases as Tennis Development Consultant in countries like: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand among others.

In March 2021 he received the official GPTCA award as “Tennis Coach of the Year 2021”. The GPTCA is the ATP’s official body for certifying high-performance tennis coaches.

He is the creator of the annual WORLD TENNIS CONFERENCE organized by Segal institute and GPTCA with the support of the ATP. WTC is the largest and most important high-performance tennis conference in the world that features the world’s best coaches, scientists, tennis legends and more as speakers.

Fernando is focused on the development of tennis through systematized methods such as IDTC, TDPC and Brilliance that generate positive results through structured actions for players, coaches, academies and organizations.







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